Sukkah City

We did it!

After planning…




Gathering natural materials for building and decorations (and enjoying a beautiful fall morning during Sukkot)…


More building…




And setting up the space,


The יום רביעי (yom revi’i, Wednesday) group got to show our younger friends our three-part סוכה (sukkah) city exhibit!


We have the “wilderness” exhibit, inspired by the idea in the Torah that Adonai “caused the Israelites to live in Sukkot when I brought you out of the land of מצרים (Mitzrayim, Egypt).” (וַיִּקְרָא כג: מג / Leviticus 23:43) These are designed to be easily taken apart and reassembled, suiting the needs of people traveling through the מדבר (midbar, wilderness).img_4106-2

We have the “harvest festival” exhibit, inspired by the idea in the Torah that סוכות (Sukkot) is a festival of the “ingathering of the produce of the land” (וַיִּקְרָא כג: לט / Leviticus 23:49), and decorated with natural materials and fruit and vegetable motifs.


Finally, we have the “fall in Chicago” exhibit, showing creative designs that we might build here in the city, as we celebrate the changing fall season and our own interpretations of the holiday of סוכות (Sukkot).


The ones featured in these pictures are actually only about half of the סוכות (sukkot) that have been built in Anafim— the children who come on יום חמישי (Yom chamishi, Thursday) are putting their final touches on and adding their creations to the exhibit this afternoon. I’ll try to get some pictures of the complete display before we turn over the classroom to get ready for our new theme, starting on יום ראשון (yom rishon, Sunday)!

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