Exploring the Sukkah in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim we prepared for a trip to visit the sukkah together!

We prepared our own special kibud (snack!) to eat in a special place– the sukkah! We d measured out the ingredients together into a big bowl, and then we mixed and mixed. (A challenge for developing fine motor strength and control!)

img_6848 img_6857 img_6861

Then, we scooped our chocolate-chip-pumpkin cookie dough onto trays to bake.


While they baked, we prepared for our special trip through playing, building, and creating together.


img_6825 img_6828 img_6831

We made our own instruments, to carry on our sukkah parade. We selected fall colors and shapes to add to our creation, and counted out objects to fit inside.


img_6819 img_6835 img_6837

And we were hard at work, creating sukkot on our own, with blocks, with leaves, and even with play dough and sticks.

img_6869 img_6877 img_6878


When we built, we checked to make sure our animal friends could look up in the roof and see the stars!

img_6883 img_6886


We even had the chance to explore a real etrog. The consensus? It smells “yummy.” img_6889 img_6890

Finally, we were ready to visit the sukkah, and all the way we sang and danced together.   When we arrived, we shook a lulav, shared our special cookies together, and peered up at the sky through the branches.

img_6891 img_6895 img_6903  img_6917 img_6918 img_6920


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