A Whole Lotta Teamwork

Overheard in the יצירה (yetzirah–art/creativity) studio today:
“Can you hand me the tape?”
“What if we connect our chains?”
“Here you hold this while I connect the walls.”
Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st/2nd grade) children were more than ready to work together to execute some large-scale sukkot designs. Working in groups of three, children had access to a wide range of materials and were challenged to create two- and three-dimensional elements for a sukkah. Here are only some of the many ways children supported each other today:
This pair helped each other cover the board. One child held the board and the other child taped the paper in place.
These two discovered a way to prop up a wall using a stick. They had to work together to affix the stick to the cardboard.
Many children made paper chains for their sukkot and connected small strands to create large garlands.
It’s hard to tell in the picture below, but one second grader handed the other second grader leaves and helped cut the tape to the appropriate size.
Cutting cardboard is definitely tricky, but it’s not so bad if you cut from opposite sides toward the center like these partners.
What a caring community we’re building in Nitzanim!

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