Sukkot Bamidbar

Today, in Beit Nitzanim, I asked children to journey into imagination with me.

We imagined that we were slaves to Par’oh in מצרים (Mitzrayim—Egypt). After a series of plagues and the hardening of Par’oh’s heart, we were finally free! We had to hurry to get out of Egypt before Par’oh changed his mind.

But what would we bring with us במדבר (bamidbar—“in the desert”)? Children were very concerned about being hungry—every child wanted to bring food. Also a few donkeys, a flashlight, water bottles, and a sleeping bag. One child even said, “toiletries,” and included soap, toilet paper, and a toothbrush on his list of must-haves.

Then we wondered about our other basic needs:

How would we get water?

  • “Dig real deep in the sand.”

  • “Cut down a cactus.”

  • “Put the pots and pans down when it rains.”

Where will we live?

  • “I’ll bring a bag with all the stuff to build a sukkah”

  • “I’ll bring wood”

  • “A fold-able house, made out of rubber”

…and then it was time to turn our ideas into reality! Working in teams, children designed sukkot they imagined could have been used by the Israelites. Materials had to be easily transportable. The structures had to provide shelter from the hot, dry climate that we imagined.




While children built, they became concerned about protection from rats and safety from spies.



Our sukkot needed floors because the sand would be too hot to walk on.


What imagination and teamwork, Nitzanim! I’m excited to continue brainstorming and creating!

img_1663 img_1664


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