The Elul Project Concludes

What do you hear inside the words of our High Holyday liturgy?

For the past month, we – the community of this building – have joined in personal and communal reflection, centered in our liturgy and themes of this season: forgiveness, power, struggle, awe, yearning. We called it, The Elul Project, after the name of the Hebrew month before Rosh Hashanah.

Now, poured into physical reality on the back wall of this sanctuary, are thoughts and ideas from our community, young and old, alongside wisdom from past generations. Our words and art offer a provocation for continued contemplation as we enter the High Holydays.

What do I wrestle with inside myself, again and again?

What does it mean that Adonai “calms God’s self” in Exodus 32, after the Israelites make a golden calf?


How does invoking God’s special 13-part name (the one we read on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) move God, and move us, from anger to loving?



The Elul Project continues as we enter the new Jewish year. Please visit the installation at 5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd. to join in continued reflection on the liturgy and themes of the High Holydays.


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