Saying Shalom in Shalom Chaverim!

Our first Sunday in Shalom Chaverim (welcome friends) was filled with Rosh Hashanah fun!


For the zero-three year old set, preparing for Rosh Hashanah means exploring the symbols and imagery of the holiday with all of our senses.

image image

There were trees to build, and toy apples to explore, to taste, to feel, to sort, to share with our friends and families.

image image

There were apples and honey and shofarot, hiding in the sensory table, and in shapes to arrange at the sticky window.

image image

We even created our own tapuchim (apples) using play dough. As we roll and pinch and form shapes with the play dough, we are building strength in our fingers and our hands, and we are talking about Rosh Hashanah together.

image image

We finished our morning of getting to know our new chaverim (friends), by creating Rosh Hashanah cards to share with our family and friends. We practiced saying “Shanah tovah,” or “Happy new year,” and then we created the cards by dipping real tapuchim (apples) in red, yellow, and green paint. We observed how the colors mixed and changed as we moved the apples through the colors.

image image image




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