New routines, new successes

Wait, wait. You’re telling me that in ענפים (Anafim, branches; the 3rd-4th grade group) we all have to read our full set of sounds and words before we get to choose what עברית (ivrit, Hebrew) game to play? And read them perfectly?!


Yup! Last year, in Nitzanim, you got to go straight away to choose what game you’re going to play, but this year in Anafim, זמן עברית (z’man ivrit, Hebrew time) begins with working on a reading challenge with our partner.

Not only does each child need to read through the lines, but both children in the חברותא(chavruta, learning partnership) are responsible for helping each other master the reading. (Mastering means: I can read it straight through, without having to stop and check up on the sound a letter or vowel makes.) When my partner and I agree that we have both mastered the reading, we come show our מורה (morah, teacher). If she agrees that we have mastered our reading too, then we choose our game and get started.


BOTH lines? That sounds so hard! Sigh. Okay. We’ll try…


Wait, that was pretty close! There are just two letters tripping you up in the second line. Figure out what that one is, and double check that one. I’ll come back when you’re ready.


Oh, I know what that is! I got it! Okay! Okay! Come listen now! We’ve got it!


Oh, gosh, so close. What sound does that vowel make? Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I know. Now we’re ready! Listen!



Yes! We did it! We read them all perfectly! Yeah!!

Oh, yeah… and now we get to play, too!


How do we feel about the new Anafim עברית (ivrit) routine? Well, different groups of children who come on different days are still getting to know it. But for some groups, the verdict is in. At the end of the day, as part of a response for The Elul Project, one child wrote:



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