Now That We Can Read Hebrew…

I asked 3rd – 5th Grade Anafim (“Branches”) what they worked on this year in Hebrew, and they shared this (partial) list:

  • sorting out frequently mixed-up letters, like resh (ר) and dalet (ד)

  • knowing our final letters and vowels super well

  • reading and writing in script

  • conceptual understanding of the root system in Hebrew (lots of verbs are built on a 3-letter root)

  • pronouns and pronominal suffixes (big, fancy, grammatical words are pretty fun for some of us)

  • lots and lots of prayers

  • memorizing a LONG Hebrew song for Passover

  • increasing our speed and accuracy (ask your child about our “speed drills”)

  • increasing our stamina (how long we can sustain Hebrew reading)

Explaining how a Hebrew word is constructed

Explaining how a Hebrew word is constructed

Now that we can read Hebrew, we can choose what we want to work on.

This week, children choose…

…a popular Israeli song.


…the prayer V’ahavta, the first paragraph of the Shema.


…the prayer El Adon, which is long and so it’s the kind of challenge we love, and it has a fun melody.


…letter reading practice.


To make sure our brains stay active, every once in a while we get up and move our bodies!


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