The Making of a Final Project

To celebrate and reflect on an incredible year together, Nitzanim has been hard at work on a special final project–stained glass!

We started our project planning by reflecting on our year together, remembering moments that made us proud. (Click here to read more.)

We also reviewed our three main themes for the year, Berakhah  (Blessing), Yosef  (Joseph), and B’chol Dor va’Dor  (“In Every Generation”). We thought about symbols that would best represent the main ideas of our themes, and then we started sketching.


When we finished sketching, we hung our symbols so that we could all look at them together.


We used our collaboration and compromise skills to work together to narrow down the symbols for each theme.


Children were looking for a symbol that would be easily recognizable and appropriate for stained glass. Morah Shterna helped by combining our symbols so that we could begin the stained glass.

We first applied black lead, which acts as a barrier to keep the colors in.



Then, we were excited to add color.


Today, we practiced presenting our stained glass so that we are ready to tell our grown-ups all about our final project.


What a collaboration! Children were involved in each step of the project, helping each other to complete all three stained glasses. Together, Nitzanim created a project that helped us remember our themes, allowed us to practice our conversation skills, and let us be proud of a tremendous year of growth.

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