It’s Play Time in 3rd – 5th Grade!

Third through fifth grade Anafim (“Branches”) children are writing and producing our own play! Our play is based on legends about an early rabbi, Rabbi Akiva. It has been tremendously exciting. We divided into teams (loosely) and got down to business.

Writing Team: We collaborated on an entire script! “I didn’t know it was so hard to write a script,” she said, filled with pride at her accomplishment, with a huge smile on her face.

Acting Team: Our lead actor is already hard at work memorizing his lines, even as the last scenes are written.



Props Team: We figured out all of the props we’d need for each scene, then made them in the art studio (yetzirah).

Music Team: We’re writing background music for scenes using an app called We can collaborate on the same piece at the same time. IMG_4267

Backdrop/Scenery Team: We drafted backdrops, then transferred our sketch to a giant piece of paper. One backdrop is complete! Another backdrop will be finished early next week.



Costumes Team: We made notes and sketched ALL of the costumes we’d need. Now we’re assembling fabric and putting costumes together!


Please join us on Sunday, June 5 to see our play!

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