Beginning to Reflect

In Beit Nitzanim, we’ve started to look back through photos of our year together.


We’re trying to jog our memory as we start our final reflection project for the year. Children excitedly chatted about their favorite moments as they browsed through the photographs.


Children presented photographs to their peers, sharing memories of what they are proud of from their year together.


And what are children most proud of? All of their incredible work! The work that they created together or independently, inspired by their own ideas and driven by their connection to each other and to our themes: All of their buildings from our Yosef theme, their final projects in yetzirah (art/creativity), their self-directed Rabban Gamliel research projects, and so much more!

What a creative, thoughtful, amazing year we’ve had together! We are excited to spend our last few weeks developing a final project to show how we’ve learned and grown together as a Nitzanim community.

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