Caring for Each Other

One of Nitzanim’s community expectations is, “Take care of each other.” Today it was so clear how caring for each other is an important part of our community.

Children take care of each other during זמן שקט(zeman sheket–quiet time) by choosing a quiet reading or drawing activity. When we give each other the gift of שקט (sheket–quiet), we can transition our bodies and brains from our long day at school.


Children take care of each other when they work together during זמן עברית (zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time). These two children used the same materials in two different ways. One child was practicing a familiar skill while sitting close to her friend who was challenging herself with a brand new skill.


Children take care of each other when they share ideas during building. They help remind each other of the text and collaborate to strengthen ideas. Children learn so much from each other!



These are just some of the many ways that children are caring for each other as our year together draws to a close!

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