Challah in Shalom Chaverim

The children in Shalom Chaverim were exploring challah in a variety of multi-sensory ways.


There was toy challah, to touch and feel (and even taste, for some of the youngest children!)


IMG_3675 IMG_3679






As we cover and uncover the toy challah together, we are learning about the significance of this special Jewish food! We are also learning to share as we offer pretend tastes of challah to everyone in the room…IMG_3683



We even built a special shulchan (table) to hold our challah together– a special home for a special kind of bread! IMG_3690


We used our sense of smell and touch again as we created our own challah loaves together by rolling and molding dough, in preparation for making our own real challah together. As they built, children compared the challot they were forming to pictures of real challah– in our sensory table, in stories we read and songs we sang together. We are noticing the special shape and trying to figure out how to make it ourselves!

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