Moments of Quiet Connection

Beit Nitzanim can be a loud place. Imagine ten (or sometimes more!) bodies moving around in a small space, sharing ideas, looking for materials, sometimes disagreeing, other times excitedly agreeing…These moments of connection between the children contain a spark of energy.

But other times, Beit Nitzanim is quiet. The quiet moments are often filled with a different type of connection between the children, one that is gentle, caring, and patient. This afternoon I witnessed two moments of this gentle connection.

During זמן עברית (zeman Ivrit—Hebrew time), five (!!) children played Hebrew vowels Uno together. They quietly negotiated turns, allowed children to join their game, and helped each other sound out the vowels.


At the end of the day we recognized Pesach with a community read-in. Children were paired across קבוצות (Kevutzot—groups) and allowed to find a space to read together.

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