Glossing Glass

This week in Yetzirah, our nursery Shorashimers and kindergarten Shteelimers painted gloss enamel on glass to design their own special seder set!


Shorashim made glass plates with the five circles for each part of the seder plate.

  1. Zeroa (shankbone)
  2. Beytza (egg)
  3. Karpas (parsley)
  4. Maror (bitter herb, like horseradish)
  5. Charoset (sweet apple salad)

They chose the colors that they thought each one would be.


Kindergarten Shteelimers designed bowls for Karpas (parsley) and Maror (bitter herb) to go along with their seder pillow. Each bowl got the first hebrew letter. (כ for Karpas and מ for Maror). The children chose which design and color they wanted for the top of the bowls.


Happy Passover Shorashim and Shteelim!

*Morah Shterna baked the glassware so that they would be food safe. 



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