Pesach in Shalom Chaverim

Last week in Shalom Chaverim was all about preparing for Pesach. For many of the very young children in Shalom Chaverim, this may be their first Pesach– or, at least, the first Pesach they can remember! That means there are lots of new things to taste, touch, feel, smell and learn about!




Of course there was matzah! Matzah hiding in the sensory, matzah in our stories and songs, matzah to cover and uncover, to hide and find again and again. And we explored many of the objects on the Seder plate: we made our own objects with playdough, we examined the symbols together, we moved them around and smelled and felt them with our fingers and hands.


And then, we set to work creating our own Seder plates, with places for all of the same objects we spent the morning exploring: charoset and maror and karpas. As we painted these shapes and words, we talked about the images and objects we were seeing.

IMG_3425 IMG_3427 IMG_3435


We can’t wait to finish these plates together next week!

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