Apr 14

Silk Screening & Stamping!


Nitzanimers stamping

This week the Steelimers (kindergarten) painted פֶּסַח (peh-sach – passover) words (מַצָּה – matza & מְסֻבִּין – misubin) onto pillowcases for the seder! We talked about how most of the year we sit up straight while eating but on Pesach we מְסֻבִּין! (mi-su-bin – lean!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.38.33 PM

“It’s like a cushion for eating!” a Steelimer exclaimed, as they all demonstrated with their bodies that they know how to lean.


Nitzanim are also silk screening but on a different material. They have created a few different stencils and stamps to use for on their רבן גמליאל (Rabban Gamliel) bags.


It is all very exciting.


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