We Have A Lot of Choice as Jews

In 3rd – 5th grade Anafim (“Branches”), we are considering our role at the seder. What can we do as 3rd – 5th grade children to make the seder fun and memorable for us and our families?


We’re learning new parts to lead at the seder. Lots of us have younger siblings who will sing the Four Questions (“Mah Nishtanah“), so it’s time for us to take on new responsibilities. We’re older, too, so we get to choose what our responsibility will look like.


Some of us chose to learn the holiday Kiddush for Passover. Some of us are memorizing the verse from the Torah that talks about how God took us out of Egypt “with an outstretched arm and a mighty hand.” Some of us have already mastered (in one week!): the 10 plagues in Hebrew, the song “Who Knows One” in Hebrew, every single ברכה (berakhah – blessing) in the seder, and know all 14 parts of the seder in Hebrew.



We’ll be designing a new part of the seder. We’ve been exploring how how Jews interpret the Passover Haggadah differently in different times. We made lists of our associations with parts of the Passover seder? We added new ideas about how we might interpret those parts of the seder today.

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