What We Do To Unwind

Wow! We have worked hard for seven weeks to explore יוסף (Yosef – Joseph) in the Torah. From wrestling with how brothers could sell another brother into slavery, to feeling renewed determination to stand up for others in tough situations (born out of a heated classroom conversation about whether or not the character of Reuven was brave), we are closing this theme with a new understanding of Torah, each other, and ourselves.

Here’s what we did to unwind this week.

Play running around games in Hebrew


Braid cloth for another group


IMG_3533 (1)









Put finishing touches on our Yosef final projects


Play extra Hebrew games




Get ready for the holiday of Purim by investigating the scroll of Esther

IMG_3545 IMG_3540

Draw silly pictures of Haman to make fun of him (a great Jewish art tradition)


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