Feb 24

Drafts and Dyes!

This week Shorashim and Shteelim used tie dye to show how Yosef felt on the outside of his tunic.

“I’m making the colors of how יוסף (yo-sef -Yosef) felt in the pit. כחול (Ka-chole – Blue) means sad, אדום (adome – red) means mad, the grey he felt bad and the ירוק (yaroke – yellow)  means really really really mad.”

Each צבָע (tzevah – color) has a different feeling that each child interprets for themselves.

24570653594_f81f052789_z (1) 24833621139_faca1f2213_z

24905688240_eb42e617cb_z (1) 25201292515_7c7eaa0e29_k

We are moving into final project steps and it is so exciting to see everything (slowly, slowly) come together!


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