Asking and Answering Big Questions

It might not look like much.
Two children and an iPad.
Or, a different two children and an iPad.
While it may not look like much, Nitzanim accomplished something extraordinary today. After identifying their Big Questions (see this post for more about our Big Questions about Yosef), children were handed an iPad and a brief list of directions. Children were asked to take turns reading their Big Questions aloud, offer an interpretation, and solicit interpretations from each other. And then I left to work with another group of children.
Completely independently, a group of children asked their questions, took turns speaking, offered interpretations, and even coached each other. This small group meeting helped children mentally prepare to tackle their Big Questions in יצירה (yetzirah—art/creativity).
What teamwork and independence these children demonstrated! Have a listen to a clip of a small group conversation (two second graders and two first graders): 

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