Letter-castles and famine in Egypt

This week in Shorashim-Shteelim has been one full of games,  עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) and יוסף (Yosef – Joseph). With the story of יוסף moving further along, we have now arrived in Egypt, in prison, and have heard of Yosef’s doing with פרעה (Par’oh – Pharaoh).

Here are some things the children said –

“Par’oh was the person who had the birthday party”

“the small cows ate the big cows and then they got fat!”

“I think they’re going to stay in Egypt forever”

“What’s famine?”

Talking about the famine in the land of Egypt and it’s hungry people, one child asked “Even Yosef’s dad?” 

Besides this, we continued to explore עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) in many ways…


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One of the favourites this week was building letter-castles!


Have a good weekend !


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