Calm, Purpose, Joy

What a calm week we had! What purpose! What joy!

Our Anafim (3rd – 5th grade) children got to make a lot of choices about their learning this week. The result: a very chill week, full of collaboration, creativity, and joy.

We experimented in yetzirah (art/creativity) with 3D collage. (Truly remarkable ideas about Genesis!)



Children decided how they wanted to use their Ivrit (Hebrew) time.


We decided we needed to make something to put in Beit Anafim (our group area) to help us remember the many parts of the text, so that it would be easier to pull our ideas together in a final project. First children shared ideas.


In pairs, children designed and began working on their own project. Every group came up with a different way to put the story on the wall.


Children collaborated and designed with such wonderful purpose and joy all week!IMG_3309

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