Feb 03

He could have gotten out sideways

This week in Shorahim-Shteelim, we continued the story of יוסף (Yosef – Joseph); we followed him to Egypt and heard what awaited him there.  Alongside that, we played and explored…


Here is one moment were the puppet-show corner took life…

20160203_152303_24777992646_o (1)

Sometimes wheat bundles, stars and sheep all meet together…!


Some of us went to the chapel and had a look at the תורה (Tora – Torah). We looked for letters that we know from our own שמות (shemot – Names).


“I found a ‘Shin’…!”


We found new ways to play with the Aleph-Bet…



Some of us learned to make the first אות (Ot – letter) in our שם (Shem – Name).



And some went on a ‘Yud-Hunt’ around the room!



We also found time to see the world a little bit differently… in different shades…

20160203_150949_24804297105_o (1)


And to use games in ways that they were not ‘meant’ for !20160203_1520500_24778007126_o


Throughout the week, some said things like:

“Hebrews means the Hebrew people”

“He (Yosef) can go out (of prison) sideways!”


See you all next week…


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