Paint, Paper, & Patches!

In Yetzirah this week, we continued to explore various materials with which to show our interpretations of Yosef.


HaMorah Shterna spoke with Nitzanim about the difference between foreground and background.

What are the most important part of the image? What parts of the image set up the stage or setting? 24438217250_0725f7da78_zShorashim and Shteelim painted fabric swatches to visualize how Yosef felt about Yaakov giving him the tunic of many colors.



Anafim thought about how to use נייר (nee-are – paper) in new ways that they haven’t tried before. There are so many ways we can cut paper to collage with!



Additionally, we explored how each kind of נייר (nee-are – paper) responds to various techniques such as scrunching or folding differently.



What an exciting week of paint, paper and patches!


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