Feelings in Fabric!

This week in Yetzira we imagined how clothing can give voice to feelings. We discussed what Yosef’s clothing may have looked like in relation to his feelings in the any given scene. We had opinions on how Yosef may have felt when he got a special present from his father, Yaakov, and when he was thrown in the pit.



We thought about what colors have emotions attached to them. One child was sure that אדום (Adom – red) was a color that insinuates anger.

“This צבא (tzeva – color) is part of the mad. I think red looks mad. It’s like half a rainbow. It kind of looks sad because you’re in a pit so you can only see half of the world.”

We wondered which designs could visualize sadness or excitement.   24318831530_08f2a3d358_z 24337037000_f258da9fd3_z 23987590283_8b65cc846a_z

Shorashim and Shteelim explored different brush stroked associated with feelings. With oil pastels, they tried lightly making marks, pressing down hard, and pushing their fingers to spread their marks. We thought about the emotional value attached to each mark.


Yetzira (creativity – art) is so much fun!


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