Genesis 37:12-36 (Yosef in the Pit) for Nursery and Kindergarten

Genesis 37:12-36 בראשית לז

One day, Yosef’s brothers went to take care of their father’s sheep. Ya’akov, their father, said to Yosef, “Go see how your brothers and the sheep are doing and come back and tell me.”

Yosef said, “Sure!”

His brothers saw him coming, and they made a plan to hurt him.

They said, “Look, that dreamer is coming! Let’s hurt him and throw him into one of the pits.

Then we can say ‘A wild animal ate him up!’ Then we’ll see what happens with those dreams he had!”

Reuven, one of the brothers, heard this and tried to save Yosef. He said, “Don’t really hurt him. Just throw him into this pit!”

Reuven meant to come back later and save Yosef and bring him back to his father.

When Yosef got to his brothers, they took off his tunic with many colors.

They picked Yosef up and threw him into the pit. It was empty and had no water in it.

Then the brothers sat down to eat some bread.

The looked up and they saw some traders coming [people who sell things]. Their camels were carrying precious and sweet smelling things to bring to Egypt.

Yehudah said to his brothers, “Let’s not hurt our brother and keep it a secret. Let’s sell him to the these traders instead. Let’s not hurt our own brother.” His brothers agreed.

So they sold Yosef to the traders for twenty pieces of silver. The traders brought Yosef to Egypt.

Reuven came back to the pit, and oh, my! Yosef wasn’t in the pit! Reuven tore his clothes.

He went back to his brothers and said, “The boy is gone! Oh, what should I do?”

The brothers took Yosef’s tunic and dipped it in blood from a goat.

They brought the tunic with many colors to their father.

They said, “We found this. Look, isn’t it your son’s tunic?”

He recognized it, and said, “My son’s tunic! A wild animal must have eaten Yosef all up!”

He tore his clothes and was sad for his son.

All his sons and daughters tried to make him feel better, but he would not feel better. He said, “No, I will be sad about my son until I die, too.” And he cried.

Now, way down in Egypt, the traders sold Yosef to Potiphar (who was one of the important guards of פַּרְעֹה Par’oh).

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