…and they all bowed down.

This week in Yetzira (creativity – art) it has been exciting to introduce the new theme, Yosef! The different Kvutzot (groups) used various mediums to visualize Yosef’s dreams.

Shorashim and Shteelim made star puppets out of felt and shiny gravel. Later, they will play out the stars all bowing down to Yosef.


Nitzanim imagined what kinds of clothing Yosef would wear in different situations. We questioned what kinds of material Yosef would wear as a rich man, a poor man, a loved man, and a hated man. 24381682412_c653039063_z 24489960795_0dd25a3cee_z

Anafim painted their own interpretations of the Yosef text with dreamy watercolors. 24407565441_8c6897e4a3_z

We can’t wait to continue imagining what the Yosef story looks like!

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