A Special Day in India

Special Days are full days of Jewish Enrichment where we get to spend the whole day playing and discovering with materials that captivate us! This year, we’re traveling around the world with Jewish folktales. At each Special Day we choose a folktale and country to explore and we find out about different ways to be Jewish.

Today, we set off for India and heard a story about kings and queens, a golden עץ (etz—tree), and forgiveness. We learned about mandalas and radial symmetry. 


And then, the rest was up to the children. Children chose how they wished to explore, and there were so many different ways! 

Some children colored in mandalas,


while others designed mandalas from scratch with marker


or natural materials.


Some children pretended to be Jews living in India.


Other children baked Chapati, an Indian bread.


One child made a diorama of our folktale.


We even had an Indian dance performance!


What an incredible day traveling and exploring together!

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