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For the past few weeks in Anafim (“Branches”), our 3rd – 5th grade children have reviewed (or read for the first time! how exciting!) stories from Genesis that we’ve explored at the Enrichment Center during the past few years. It’s in preparation for our new Torah theme, which starts Sunday.


We wanted to do our best to stay close to the words and actions in the Torah. It was tough! We had some great conversations about what kind of interpretation would help an audience see more about the Torah text.


Children said it would be good to review the words of the Torah before planning their scenes.






The Tree of Knowing Good and Bad, Chavah (Eve), and the snake.

FullSizeRender 4


Esav gives his birthright to Ya’akov for some stew.

FullSizeRender 3



And these two fascinating moments of children expressing prayer: Eved Avraham (Abraham’s servant) praying that he’ll find a wife for Yitzchak (Isaac), and Yitzchak (Isaac) praying in the field in the evening when Rivkah (Rebekah) arrives.




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