The birthday of the trees!

This week in Shorashim-Shteelim we introduced ט״ו בשבת (Tu-Bi’Shvat)- the BIRTHDAY of the עצים (Etseem – trees)!

How exciting!

After finding out about the different ways in which עצים (Etseem – trees) give us presents in our lives, we explored different ways of celebrating the trees’ birthday.

we had our own Garden, to plant different fruits and seeds so that we grow new trees and plants…

I'm planting banana

“I’m planting bananas!”


We tried to build trees from different materials… sometimes out of wooden cubes, that are themselves products of trees…

I'm building an ets

“I’m building an Ets”


And sometimes building trees out of colourful stones

ets or

“It’s a tree!”


In our משחקים (mischakim – games) room, we made a forest by pretending to be different kinds of trees…

We started off one by one, shaping ourselves like trees…

I'm a a bush!

And ended up with a forest with tall, short, bushy trees and even tree seeds!


Happy To Bi’shvat to everyone! Remember to be kind to trees, who give us so much…!

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