Tip Top Tree

This week in Yetzirah (creativity/art) we have been thinking about how עצים (Etz-eem – trees) give us so many wonderful things.


Sometimes עצים (Etz-eem – trees) produce פירות (peyrot – fruit) that are so yummy to eat!



With watercolor paints, we painted some of our favorite fruits to put on the עֵץ (eytz – tree) in the Shorashim and Shteelim classroom.


We had a wide range of favorite פירות (peyrot – fruit). Some of our favorite fruit included strawberries, bananas, and רִמוֹן (ree-mone – pomegranate).


Now we can celebrate Tu Bi’Shevat with the עֵץ (eytz – tree) right next to us!


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