Tree Party!

Tu B’Shevat is coming up! We are all so excited about the birthday of Etzim (trees)!


It was surprising for some of the children to learn that the Sheymot (names) of their Kvutzot (groups) came from parts of a tree! We did some tree yoga with Shorashim (nursery children) and Shteelim (kindergarten children) to embody these different parts.

Shorashim – Roots

Shteelim – Saplings

Nitzanim – Buds

Anafim – Branches


We worked on making our own Etz (tree). Some of our Etzim had animals living inside them like squirrels or parrots! Others were celebrating with their tree family or friends.  We learned that art doesn’t need to be realistic.

“I’m having the roots be little people and they are celebrating.” 

This is a strong angry tree. I’m making grass. It’s a tree monster”.20160104_161733

“I’m making a regular tree. Any kinds of birds go to it.”

“Although it’s a special tree, a kind of bird comes to it that is not normal, a parrot comes to this tree. and squirrels.”


We can’t wait for next week to explore all the ways trees are used and how we can be kind to them!

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