Partner Text Study (Chavrutah) for 3rd – 5th Grade

There are three Voices in chavrutah (partner text study):
1. Me
2. My chavrutah (partner)
3. The text
We listen carefully to all three voices to hear what they’re saying.
We wrestle with text as a big group, sharing our initial thoughts about what the text means.
We express our ideas using a different modality (here, drawing). We present our ideas to each other.


We let time pass, let the ideas settle, and put them up in our environment so children can reflect on their initial ideas. We may share comments or interpretations from other generations of Jews who have explored these ideas.
We express our ideas using still other modalities, or refine our first pass. Here, children chose from among felt collage, oil pastels on black paper, or watercolor crayon painting. We talked about how different materials let us express different ideas (and, how as we play with materials, new ideas occur to us, so different materials show us different ideas – that’s a complicated idea for 3rd – 5th grade children!).




Soon, we’ll move to final projects that let us express a more refined idea: something we figured out, decided, or resolved based on our conversations with our peers, the text, and other generations of Jews who have wrestled with these ideas.


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