Many Voices, Many Ideas

We learn so much from each other when we share our ideas!

Reviewing post-its with our best ideas about ברכה (berakha--blessing) so far.

Reviewing post-its with our best ideas about ברכה (berakha–blessing) so far.

It’s not easy to have a conversation about the Mishnah with ten other children, especially when we’re hungry and tired after a long day at school! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been testing out different strategies to be our best selves during כִּיבּוּד (kibud—snack). Sometimes we wrote or drew our ideas so that we wouldn’t forget them. Other times we held onto fidgets to keep our hands busy.

Drawing while we wait our turn to talk.

Drawing while we wait our turn to talk.

We’ve been practicing waiting our turn to talk, one person talking at a time, and hearing from lots of different voices.

And yesterday, we had a breakthrough! Seven different voices participated in this exchange, only one person was talking at a time, and ideas built on what other children said previously!

Morah: What’s the deal with the rain? [in reference to Mishnah Berakhot 9:2, “For rain and good news, a person says, “Blessed is the one who is good and does good.”]

Girl 1: Maybe rain is part of good news…

Boy 1: …because it makes plants grow.

Girl 1: …because it makes plants grow and something green is really beautiful inside.

Boy 2: It gives you more water.

Girl 2: And the water supply uses rain.

Boy 3: Because rain feeds us.

Boy 4: Because it tells whoever you’re telling it [the berakha] to that you drink a lot of water.

Girl 1: Maybe it’s not bad news because some people like rain and some people don’t.

Boy 1: Rain could be good news and bad news. The reason why it could be good news is because it can make plants grow, and the bad news about it is because it could make a flood.

Girl 3: It could be good because it could make a rainbow and the plants grow. It could be bad because it could drown and possibly kill someone with lightning .

Boy 1: It could make a hurricane.

Way to go, Nitzanim! You’ve worked hard to get to this point!

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