We Love to Play

We love to play.
And so, we find ways of turning “regular” stuff into games!
#1: This past month, we learned a new Hebrew game. Slap legs – slap legs – clap – snap! as we call each other’s Hebrew names and learn second person pronouns (“you”) in Hebrew.
Over time, our game has taken on added layers. Now we dance as we play, and add an “ee” sound onto everyone’s Hebrew shem (name), as in “Rebecca-ee.”  Most of the time we end up laughing so hard we can barely get the words out.
#2: This week, we captured our questions during chavrutah (partner text study) on post-its. Hmmm, the children thought. The shape on the wall that our post-its make, it looks sort of like…and if we moved a few here and a few there…voila!
#3: And, and old favorite: No Shoesday Tuesday.
Now making appearances on No Shoesday Monday and No Shoesday Thursday.
What fun we’re having together!

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