Breaking down Berakhot

There is so much to learn about בְּרָכָה (berakhah-Blessing), our new theme. And this week in Shorashim v’ Shteelim we’ve been breaking our ברכות (brakhot– blessings) down to the essentials:

We can figure out how to spell it.




We can pick (and create) our favorite foods that make us feel thankful, and the בְּרָכָה that goes with them.



“This kind of pasta… It’s מזונות (mezonot-sustenance).”


We can tell you with our words and our dancing how incredible things outside make us feel.


For the sounds of a beehive: “Spinny…Silly…Calm!”

“Fireworks make me scared. My dad covers my ears” “Fireworks make me feel happy. Actually no, excited.”


We can distinguish between things that could use a בְּרָכָה for food, things that could use a בְּרָכָה for nature, and (sneak peak!) special Jewish things that have their own ברכות.


And we can ask questions about which בְּרָכָה to say when and puzzle through the answers ourselves:

What happens when we’re about to eat something that has two different kinds of food in it? And what if you see something for which you could say a food בְּרָכָה AND a nature בְּרָכָה?


“If you see an apple tree, you would say the one for nature. Because we already say food בְּרָכָה for apples- just the apples.”


“It’s strawberries in water. What (בְּרָכָה) could I say for this?… (I would say the בְּרָכָה for) the strawberry, not מים (mayim-water).”


To finish off the week, we did a בְּ (bet) scavenger hunt in Beit Shorashim. Turns out when we find one, it’s often inside a בְּרָכָה.


There’s something else that’s stewing in Beit Shorashim v’Shteelim, check us out next week to find out what it is!

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