Sefarim in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim we launched a new exploration into sefarim (books) together. The children are exploring Jewish books and stories.



For the 0-3 year old sets, launching into an exploration of books includes breaking them down to letters and words. As the children play with Hebrew letters– building them with playdough, or forming their shemot (names) with magnets–they are learning about the Alef Bet. They are learning that letters build words, and words build stories– in Hebrew and in English.



We listened to, and acted out, a Torah story together. We explored different Jewish books together– hiding under rice in the sensory table, and on sticky paper.



We worked together to build a special arc for the Torah.



We are learning to appreciate sefarim, and are connecting our knowledge of books and stories with our growing Jewish identities.

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