What do we know about the Torah?

This week Shorashim and Shteelim have been exploring the תורה (Torah) in honor of our חג (chag-holiday), שמחת חורה (Simchat Torah). And boy do we have a lot to share!

Before שמחת חורה (Simchat Torah) even began we got to look at and touch and read a real תורה together with Rabbi Rebecca!


And since then our ideas about תורה have been coming out non-stop!


In our building:


“The torah has legs like a person!”


In our art:


“This is the door to the place where the Torahs are.”


And in our conversations!


“It has a the word משה (Moshe- Moses) in it a lot.” “It has the word אדני (Adonai) in it a lot.” “It has numbers.”

“It’s fragile.” “If we ate honey and touched the Torah that would be bad because the Torah would get dirty and it’s very special.”

“It has five thousand words.” “It has INFINITY words.”

“It feels soft like fabric.” “It feels dry.” “It feels like glass windows.” “It’s sticky!”

“We use a pointer to read it.”

“It has five LONG stories in it.” “It has a lot of stories about Jewish holidays in it.”

“It uses a Jewish language. It’s a different kind of language than English.”


We have learned so much this week about חורה together! What will we discover next?


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