Building a Community One Step At a Time

How do 23 children and 2 מורים (morim—teachers) start building a community in Beit Nitzanim?


Step 1: Figure out what it means to act in a ישר (yosher—uprightness) way.

We became experts at distinguishing ישר (yosher–uprightness) from not ישר (yosher–uprightness).


Then we acted out Genesis 29, substituting ישר (yosher–uprightness) actions from not ישר (yosher–uprightness) actions.

We acted out Genesis 29, replacing not yosher actions with yosher actions.


Step 2: Choose personal hopes and goals for the year our year together. 

 We drafted our personal hopes for the year. IMG_4243

Our finished hopes and goals will be displayed here on the apple-stamped tapestry children painted during our first week back at the Jewish Enrichment Center.


IMG_4405 IMG_4406

Step 3: Create community expectations that help us continue to act in yosher ways and help us meet all of our goals for the year.


We’ve put weeks and weeks of work into making our community a comfortable, safe, kind, friendly, helpful, supportive (and so many other adjectives!) place to be together. We’re set up for a phenomenal year of growing and learning together, and we’re off to a great start!

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