Looking for answers, finding new questions

The leaves are turning and Anafim is gearing up!

This week, after many partner and group conversations, we were ready to start defining what we think ישר (Yosher)– our elusive theme for the past month- actually means to us. Using our examples of honesty, integrity, and courage, along with our ideas for what it means to act with any of these, Anafim worked in pairs to come up with a one or two-sentence explanation of ישר.


To help us we used references ranging from historical figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. to a Hebrew dictionary!




As we’ve started to unpack this weighty concept, Anafim began to identify some of the challenges of explaining ישר: “It depends on the context”. “Do what is just in that situation”. “what is easy, good, and right- sometimes they are the same, and sometimes they are not”. We have a lot of questions about how to know what the ישר thing to do is. We’ll spend the rest of our time in this theme trying to figure them out!

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