Making Our Sukkah Beautiful

In Yetzirah this week, we are working together to create decorations to make our סוכה (sukkah) beautiful in Beit Shorashim! 

We began with painting fabric flowers to make a garland for our סוכה. What is fabric? What will happen when we paint on top of it? How do we hold a paintbrush?  We began with adding לבן (lavan-white) to our fabric flowers.

working independently at the same table! wow shorashim!

paintingflowers2 paintingflowers


Our next project was to use natural materials to dye the sides of our סוכה (sukkah)! As you may have noticed so far, all of our projects reference or use materials from the natural world in order to create art in honor of סוכות (Sukkot).

We used purple cabbage and hibiscus flowers, turmeric, and coffee to make our dye baths. We touched and smelled our ingredients before using them and talked about where they came from. Has anyone in Shorashim eaten them before? Does anyone know where they come from? What צבע(tzeva-color) do we guess they will dye the fabric?

One child remarked : “is this a science experiment? Or is this an art project?”

We got to work creating our dye baths, with frequent comments about smells, what it would taste like, and what colors it would make.

purplecabbageandhibiscusingredients tumericstirring dyebaths


Our fabric will sit for two days and we’ll see what happened!

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