We Did It!

“We’re building a sukkah today!” one boy cried joyfully when he walked into the room.

When we walked down the hall to go to yetzirah (art/creativity) to start making decorations, we saw it.

“What’s that?” one child asked.

“It’s for the sukkah!” “It’s the top!”

We smelled it. Children tried to pick it up and bring it to our room, but they couldn’t move it. “Hey, we need help!” they cried.




“Hey! Let’s work together!” one boy said.


It was so much fun! We laughed so hard while we tried to move such a big bundle! We had to stop many times. When we finally arrived in Beit Shorashim, one girl said, “We did it!”



Then, ALL ON THEIR OWN (like everything else in this blog post), they decided to clean up the hall! Way to work together, Shorashim!

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