We Remember So Much Ivrit (Hebrew)

I’m amazed at how much עברית (Ivrit–Hebrew) Nitzanim children remember!

Children remember the names of אותיות (otiot–letters) and צבעים (tzeva’im–colors) when they play bingo together. 21310743808_8022b62970_z


Children remember how to lead our ברכות (brachot–blessings) routine before we eat כיבוד (kibud–snack).


Children remember vowel sounds when they play with our עברית (Ivrit–Hebrew) bananagrams.



Children also remember how to sing through the א-ב (alef bet–Hebrew alphabet) and point with their אצבע (etzbah–finger).



I’m excited to keep growing our עברית (Ivrit–Hebrew) together this year!



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