Patterns in Nature, Patterns in Ourselves

This week in Yetzirah, Nitzanim (“Buds,” for 1st-2nd grade children) took a closer look at one of the natural symbols of Rosh Hashanah: תפוחים (tapuchim- apples). We used sliced halves of tapuchim as our painting instruments to create a tapestry for Nitzanim.



Nitzanim put on their careful listening ears for a quick demonstration at the beginning of the lesson so they could be independent learners for the rest of their time in Yetzirah. Such careful focus!



We practiced holding our paintbrushes closer to the bristles so we have more control over our painting



Patiently waiting turns for a tzeva-color


21231415426_992c7026b4_oWorking independently to make something together! 

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תודה (toda thank you), Nitzanim! During the first week of Jewish Enrichment Center, you made something together by through listening, taking turns and working as a team.

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