Finishing our Year Together in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim, we ended our year by reflecting on all of our hard work through revisiting hebrew challenges, getting to play silly משחקים (Mischakim-games) outside, and doing one final baking project. We also got to look through our end of the year book together now that it is complete and share with our friends what we felt most proud of.

Children worked together to finish a giant size aleph bet puzzle!

And baked a giant chocolate chip cookie to share!

We even went outside to play together in Hebrew!

And played a new game together with a giant aleph bet board and bean bags!

And we played aleph bet bingo together and felt proud of all of the letters we know!

What an amazing community we have built together in Shorashim this year filled with so many memories! Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall.

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