Jun 03

Concluding Our Year Together

This week to continue creating our book, children designed their individual pages and shared them with each other and we finished all of our theme and holiday pages together. It has been incredible to watch the community children are walking out with as our year ends and the excitement children have to share their work with each other. After every page that someone shared, there were multiple follow up questions and comments and children were really interested in knowing why a certain explorations was one of their friends favorite.

A four-year-old works on his individual page to share back with his friends.

A four-year-old works on his individual page to share back with his friends.

In addition to finishing our book this week, Shorashimers also had a chance to revisit more of our favorite projects from the year. In יצירה (yetzirah-art/creativity), children went outside again to draw in nature and painted to Hallel music and thought about how they felt. Children also made a welcome card for incoming Shorashimers next year to share with them their favorite parts of our community. Children shared that they loved playing in the kitchen and setting it up for שמיטה (Sh’mitah-release), creating our own giant candles during Chanukah and playing with them, and building the סוכה (Sukkah).

I cannot believe our year together is coming to a close and we can’t wait to show you our completed book very soon!

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