Why These Symbols?

Last week I wrote about Nitzanim planning the symbols for our final project, a mosaic bench! The symbols for our three main themes, Hallel, Haggadah, and Sh’mitah help us remember our explorations and discussions from the theme. Here are some of the ideas that children shared about why a music note is representative of our Hallel theme:

Here are some ideas that we had for our Hallel music note:

First Grader 1: Because music makes you relax.

First Grader 2: Because we danced to music.

First Grader 3: Because Hallel is about songs.

First Grader 4: Because to me music feels like I’m free.

Second Grader 1: I think because we have the word “Hallel” in lots of our songs

First Grader 5 A: Because we did a lot of music.

We have so many different interpretations of our symbols, which hopefully demonstrates that children feel a personal connection to each of the themes from the year. We’re so excited to continue tiling this week, and we can’t wait to show off our finished bench at the Family Exploration and Celebration!

Two first graders and a second grader show off the mosaic work they've done.

Two first graders and a second grader show off the mosaic work they’ve done.


A first grader places tiles.


A second grader spreads mortar on a tile.



A second grader spreads mortar onto a tile.


A first grader spreads mortar.


A first grader places tiles onto the bench.

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