Quick Community Challenge

Anafim was waiting for a few members to arrive at כיבוד (kibbud – snack) and needed something to do. I asked whether they’d ever done the counting challenge. The goal: as a group, count, in order, without having two people go at once.

Some of them had, and were excited to see how we did.

There were חמש (chamesh – five) Anafimers, so we started simply: count by עשר (eser – ten) to חמשים (chamishim – fifty).

This proved VERY easy, so Anafim decided to make it harder and harder. By the end of our 5 minute wait, we were counting as high as we could, with our eyes closed. We made it all the way up to מאה (me’ah – 100)!

Turns out, we’re great at listening patiently to one another!  18355474982_69ac46acaa_k

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