Nitzanim Plans for Our Final Project

To celebrate and reflect on our year, Nitzanim is working on a special yetzirah (art/creativity) project–a mosaic bench! The children worked together to design the symbols for the bench, which represent our three main themes for the year: Hallel, Haggadah, and Sh’mitah. Children revisited our themes through photographs and then created sketches of potential symbols. The symbols needed to have only a few colors, lines, and details so that we can make them easily on our bench. After children finished sketching, they added their symbols to our wall of symbols. At the end of the day, we reviewed the symbols together and talked about which symbols to use for the bench. 

Here some Nitzanimers work on sketches:

IMG_2428 17841535501_4e22369390_z

After the sketches are finished, Nitzanimers added them to the wall of sketches:

17869984576_fa4cffa37e_z IMG_2423

This week we’ll start arranging the tiles, and we’re so excited to get messy and turn our sketches into an awesome project!

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